Painful memories.

Eleven months ago I had a slight tumble off the sea wall opposite. In the centre of the photo, there is a blue notice board with an orange life ring that I must have fallen past, although I didn’t have time to read the warnings about the dangers of falling off.

No permanent damage but I have to admit I do get a brief recollection whenever I’m standing near a drop.

Cove is a very photogenic place; it was used in an opening scene of ‘Mrs Brown’ starring Judith Dench and Billy Connolly, and was a favourite of the 19th-century ‘Glasgow Boys’ artist community. The harbour wall was built in the 1700s on the third attempt with the cottages dating from the 1800s. These were occupied until 1946 after which they were used for storage.

On the 14th October 1881, there were 21 fishermen operating from Cove, when a severe storm hit the North East coast devastating the fishing communities. Of the 189 men lost, 11 came from Cove.
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