Creag Meagaidh from Coire Ardair

Coire Ardair is a classic glacial corrie, the Lochan a’Choire surrounded by a back wall of steep precipitous crags. The name of the high point, the Munro Creag Meagaidh, means in Gaelic, the crag of the boggy place, referring I guess to the boggy summit plateau.

Early 20th-century climbers referred to the mountain as Craig Meggie, an anglicisation of the name which is pronounced, so I read, as ‘krayk megee‘, There’s a pile of stones near the summit called Mad Meg’s Cairn, though I think this is just a play on the name rather than a piece of ancient folklore.

The notch on the right is interesting. It goes by the name of ‘The Window’ and is another feature of the impact of the last ice age, a glacial meltwater channel.
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