It occurred to me that I haven’t posted any international photos. I’ve just stuck to the British Isles which of course includes Ireland.

So to rectify that little oversight, here’s one from our visit in 2006 to the Stockholm archipelago, a myriad islands hugging the western edge of the Baltic Sea. In fact, there are 24,000 islands ranging from little skerries to reasonably-sized ones containing large villages. My memories are of hot weather, no wind, warm brackish water, and little tidal range.

The islands are rising by about 3 mm per year due to post-glacial rebound. This means, since our visit they have risen by 4 cm. The larger islands are connected by a network of ferries but once established on our island, Finnhamn, sea kayaking was our only means of transport, But, of course, I had to start the day off by a run around the island when I took this photo.

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