St. Nicholas’s “gold balls”

After the season’s festivities, the big cleanup begins. Roseberry is no different.
A morning spent litter picking with the National Trust.
The usual: cans, plastic bottles, little doggie presents.
And plenty of orange peel scattered around, accompanied by the inevitable wet-wipe.

What’s the big thing about oranges at Christmas? St. Nicholas’s “gold balls”.
Of course, orange peel is biodegradable, so that’s ok then.
But there is something unsightly about seeing bits of orange strewn around.

It could be said that in a fragile upland environment, the decomposition of orange peel (and banana skins and apple cores) will introduce alien elements.
Now that will certainly be true in a sensitive mountain ecosystem but on bracken infested Roseberry?

Nevertheless, orange peel still litter.
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