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Not another one!

I remembered today a painting my aunty had above her fireplace. It was of a blue lady and it was years later that I discovered that it was just a reproduction sold in its thousands in 1960s furniture shops. The painting was called the Chinese Girl, and apparently the original was sold for nearly £1 million in 2013 but for me, the painting will always be the ultimate in tack. After coming across a third copy of Ashley Jackson’s Framing the Landscape I am beginning to feel the same way about this pretentious sculpture. Roseberry Topping, Brimham Rocks and now, here on Marsden Moor in the Pennines. All identical. “Many people look but only a few see”, but I see just a tasteless piece of scrap metal blighting the landscape and turning it into a theme park.

Is there any National Trust property that doesn’t have one?

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