Back of Cringley

Or Cringle Moor to give it its modern name. I prefer the old although an even earlier name was Cranimoor. A little-used path from the ruined farmstead of Clough up to Brian’s pond on Bilsdale Moor West. The stone from the buildings was used in the construction of Chop Gate village hall. A fate not so unusual once a building is no longer of any use. In all, a gloriously warm day, with a Spring feel about it.

A tumulus stands atop Cringley Moor. Drake Howe, first documented in the 14th-century as Drechhowe, drech being the Old Norse word for a dragon. It has also been known as Odin’s Grave but the fear of a dragon or the wrath of a most revered god has not prevented the Bronze Age round barrow from being robbed out.
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