Castleton Rigg

A visit to the seated man sculpture on Castleton Rigg overlooking Westerdale. Almost a year since I last came, just after it was erected. Still a monstrosity but proving very popular. Too popular. Parking is a concern and the route up is now widely bare of heather and vegetation making it susceptible to erosion. So rather than another photo of the statue here is a view of Westerdale.
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3 Replies to “Castleton Rigg”

  1. I agree with your sentiments entirely Mick. The Park planning authority have in granted permission, given themselves a problem that will only worsen as we have four more years for the natural environment to suffer. All for the sake of visitor numbers and pandering to David Ross and his foundation.

  2. Obviously a lack of forethought by planners, back in the ‘seventies the National Park Authority were concerned about 5 metre wide linear erosion on the Lyke Wake Walk. Now they encourage it with people wandering over moorland looking at ‘artwork’

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