Peacock on a Bluebell

After a few false starts, finally a vernal freshness to the morning. The bluebells are out in Newton woods but a week or so off their best. The more astute of you may have noticed an increase in the posting of telephoto photos. My new toy. Normal service will be resumed when the novelty wears off. In the meantime a peacock butterfly feeding on a bluebell. Its big “eyes” frightening off any potential predators.

And of course, it’s Mayday, celebrated for at least two thousand years. The Romans brought over a multi-day festival of which the first of May was dedicated to Bona Dea, a goddess associated with chastity and fertility in women, while the pagans had their own festival, Beltane, marking the end of the cold winter and the return of summer. Beltane is still celebrated in Scotland and Ireland traditionally with large bonfires.
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