Blossom Pond, Hetton Lyons Country Park

Trying to navigate my way around Hetton Lyons Country Park using the 1922 6″ to the mile Ordnance Survey map.  A lot has changed. The old surface workings of the Hetton Colliery. The heart of the colliery was to the south of the Durham, Elvet & Murton Branch railway, now a walkway/cycle path. An industrial estate covers the site, a few old buildings look to be early 20th-century vintage. North of the old railway old spoil tips are still discernible although landscaped and planted with trees, now maturing nicely. The biggest change is the lake, along with the smaller Blossom Pond. In 1922 there was just a small pond in a shallow valley fed by a spring named as Bull Well. The red circle on the old 1922 map indicates a guess of my position; the arrow the view direction.

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