Cleveland Hills from Roseberry

A view south from Roseberry towards Whorlton Hill with Beacon Hill and Near Moor behind. Early afternoon.

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  1. Lovely photo, not wanting to be churlish but it’s not Black Hambleton but Near Moor, Black Hambleton would be behind Carlton Moor from Roseberry. Enjoy all your posts, have learnt a good deal about hills I thought I knew pretty well. I now live north of Glasgow but was born at Wayside Cottage near the Cross Keys and lived in Guisborough from 1961 -94. One thing I’ve never been able to find anything about is Haswell’s Hut on the Kildale track above Hutton Village, it appears on some old maps and I seem to remember some remains (foundations) in the ’70s but that’s all I know. I look forward to more of your interesting vignettes.

  2. Don’t have a map to hand but it appears on the 1856 OS six inch maps ( just next to White Hills. From memory I seem to recall it was just at the side of the Kildale track from the Hutton Village road, approx. where the old track meets the forestry road.

      1. In the 1970s walking back to Guisborough from Hanging Stone along the forestry track, we would always stop at the point it crossed the Kildale track for the view down to Hutton Village
        (younger trees in those days). I remember a concrete base or foundation on the edge of the escarpment, this could be of something much later than 1850 but certainly in the same place as the mysterious Haswell’s Hut. It would be interesting if you could find anything in the undergrowth. Access to these old maps has been fascinating. As youths walking the moors we always thought Burton Howe was a O.S. error but I noticed Botton Head is Burton Head on early maps, also Blue Bell Trough below Botton Head is Blue Mells on the 1893 25 inch map.

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