Litter picking at Bridestones

Volunteering with the National Trust at their Bridestones property. One of the tasks today was a litter pick. Now you might think that as it takes a bit of an effort to get to these fascinating wind shaped sandstone outcrops, £8 entry into Dalby Forest, resisting the temptation of the visitor centre, a mile walk uphill, folks that get this far will have a bit of respect for the countryside. But no, there’s the usual rubbish, cans, broken bottles as well as the inevitable dog poo bags left as an offering for the poo fairy. One chap, or chappess, must have gone through a bag of oranges scattering a trail of peel along the way. Many believe it’s perfectly acceptable to leave biodegradable rubbish, orange peel, apple cores, and banana skins. Myself, I appreciate that the decomposition of vegetable matter in a fragile mountain ecosystem would introduce elements that could be alien and detrimental. And in any case, in a cold high altitude environment decomposition would be very slow. My philosophy is to follow this thinking even at low levels. But that’s by the way. Orange peel or banana skins or apple cores are unsightly. I don’t want to look at other people’s rubbish. If it’s too much to take home then make sure it’s scattered well away from the path, or better still bury it.
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