Belman Bank Quarry

Recent tree felling in Guisborough Woods, ok maybe not that recent, might be a couple of years now, have exposed the outline of the large alum quarry at Belman Bank south of Guisborough. For many years any evidence of the quarry has been lost under the canopy of commercial forestry. A couple of weeks ago I posted about Alum Rock Quarry at Slapewath. Belman Bank quarry was contemporary with Alum Rock quarry but it is generally accepted that the latter is the older as a commercial enterprise. Belman Bank however could have been the site where Sir Thomas Chaloner conducted his early experiments into the alum manufacturing process. The quarry floor is evidenced by the large depression, approximately 3 to 4 metres deep. The alum liquor would have been run off to the alum processing house siutated to the west at the top of Belmangate track. For further information see here.
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