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Lamb Stone, Great Hograh Moor

The Skinner Howe Cross Road was the old packhorse route to the Cistercian nunnery in Baysdale. Just after it crosses Great Hograh Beck there is a large boulder named on the Ordnance Survey map as the Lamb Stone. It’s a large sandstone boulder that shows signs of man’s hand at work. A square edge looks as though it’s been cut by a circular saw (see detail). Perhaps it was the work of the amateur archaeologist Roland Close (1908 – 1978), who lived in Baysdale. Close built the small bridge over Great Hograh Beck. But would he have had a circular saw in the 1930s?

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Lamb Stone detail



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3 responses to “Lamb Stone, Great Hograh Moor”

  1. John avatar

    The piece has been cut out in the last 2 or 3 years. I have visited the stone a number of times over the years and my attention was drawn to it when I could see something bright yellow from the Westerdale road. On closer inspection I discovered a large piece had been freshly cut from the stone leaving a bright yellow surface, which from your photos has now weathered to match the rest of the stone. Prior to that it was untouched by human hand.

    The source of the large stone private and no access signs in the district perchance?

    1. Fhithich avatar

      You could be right there. Never thought of that.

  2. John D Hunter avatar
    John D Hunter

    I have photos of this taken in August 2013 and the damage was visible then but looked recent

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