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Another fine morning but a day of indecision. Driving up Clay Bank and into Bilsdale I had no idea where I was heading. Chop Gate I suppose but the car park was ignored and in the end, I parked at Fangdale Beck and headed east up onto Coniser Howl, a huge large expanse of heather moorland with only the odd tumuli and the remains of a couple of crosses to add interest. I was spotted heading into a brisk southerly wind by the gamekeeper on his quad bike. Friendly enough but a little keen to know where I was going. I had climbed past High Crosset Farm with its herd of frisky cattle. Looking back superb views of Bilsdale and Tripsdale opened up before the moor-gate was reached and the views gave way to the moor in its drab winter garb. It has been estimated England has over 58,000 miles of dry stone walling of which 39% is classified as derelict or no longer stockproof. I guess this wall would come under that category. The quantity that is sound with no defects is less than 5%. Far cheaper to replace where needed with post and wire fencing.

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