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A side shoot of Scugdale, I remember Snotterdale as a lovely little valley. But alas no Public Rights of Way exists through so it remains hidden from public gaze. I had the opportunity to explore the woods in 1996 when they were used to stage the Jan Kjellström orienteering relays. And, as far as I know, it has never been used since; such a pity. The name of my home city of Nottingham is said to derive from a Saxon chieftain called Snot; thus Snotingaham, the settlement of Snot’s people. I wonder if the chief’s name had the same as the modern meaning. He would have been tortured at school. I like to think therefore of Snotterdale as the valley of Snot. Dale, of course, could come from either the Scandinavian dalr or the Old English dael. But I may be way off the mark. Once above the moor fence, the dale undergoes a name change and becomes mapped as Thackdale.

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  1. John avatar

    Of course everyone knows why it’s really called Snotterdale. In the mid 1800’s when the OS were first mapping Scugdale they asked locals “what’s that dale called” to which they replied “it’s not a dale”.

    Well it’s better than being named after some bloke called Snot!

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