Market Cross, Guisborough

Recognise this? I am sure this is passed by hundreds of people every day but I suspect few actually look up. And who needs a sundial when we all have mobile phones. What struck me was that the gnomon on one of the sundials is ‘T’ shaped instead of the more usual triangular. In fact, I discovered that Guisborough’s market cross has 5 sundials. One on each face facing the cardinal points: north, south, east and west; and a globe on the top. When the sun is out there are always two gnomons that cast shadows. A weather vane and a, what looks like plastic, finial top the lot. The cross is 18th-century but was restored in 2006. The globe sundial with its numerals is unique and maybe a 19th-century addition. I can not figure how to read the globe sundial, the photo was taken at 10:07 am (GMT, of course) perhaps you can work it out. I feel the angle of the shadow has some significance.
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