Not the best of landings

I haven’t whinged on about litter recently. The problem hasn’t gone away. There’s a couple of new websites that have been set up to geolocate litter. Firstly there’s the Marine Conservation Society in support of their campaign for the introduction of a plastic Deposit Return System. And then there’s the Open Litter Map (#OpenLitterMap), an Irish initiative. Both of these have worthy aims but I’m at a lost to understand what is the ultimate aim, apart from increasing public awareness. In the case of the Open litter Map, the declared aim is to create a database of geospatial data that can be used by researchers and authorities. All well and good. But hardly a day goes by without me picking up a discarded bottle or two. When running I can comfortably carry 4 in each hand. Now if I was to take a photo and upload a picture of every piece of litter I pick up, very soon Roseberry Topping will appear a hotspot, the worst place in the world for litter which we know is not the case. The geospatial data will be skewed. Nice try though.

Today I came across what must be one of the most usual pieces of junk I’ve found on the moors. The wreckage of a drone. I wasn’t the first to find it. Its camera, batteries and gimbal thingy had all been salvaged and the carcass just left on the cairn on Great Ayton Moor.

Open Space Web-Map builder Code

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