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St Mary’s, Over Silton

Sited in a shallow valley, half a mile from the village of Over Silton is the church of St. Mary. It dates to the 12th century and can only be approached only by a footpath. The original village that it served no longer exists, just a few lumps and bumps in the surrounding fields remaining, perhaps succumbing to a plaque or Scottish raiders. Today, the church is still in use but not on a regular basis.

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One response to “St Mary’s, Over Silton”

  1. Bob Howe avatar
    Bob Howe

    An interesting detail in the church is that a number of the roof supports are reclaimed ships timbers.
    Evidently this was not unusual and the practice was not restricted to churches.
    The reused timbers can be identified by the fact that there are lots of unused notches and holes in inappropriate places.
    I guess that when old ships were decommissioned their wooden structure was sold off.

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