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Category: Cleveland Hills

  • Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry Topping

    Woke up this morning to a hard frost, overcast but bright skies in the distant out over the North Sea. By nine o’clock, a whiteout. Utter chaos, all roads south at a standstill. By tea time, blue skies, roads clear, and, with Roseberry as a backdrop, warm enough for a moment’s reflection. Open Space Web-Map…

  • Ruin, Mount Vittoria

    Ruin, Mount Vittoria

    A well-visited ruin on Mount Vittoria, or Cold Moor to use its modern name. I prefer the more romantic 19th-century name. A name which conjures up a vision of a son or husband lost in a faraway land when Wellington’s forces routed the French under Bonaparte in the Battle of Vittoria. Pure speculation of course…

  • Odin’s Little Brother

    Odin’s Little Brother

    Just 20m shorter than its big brother, the climb up Little Roseberry is just as draining on tired legs. Walkers on the Cleveland Way have to descend it and then climb back up as part of the extension up Odin’s Hill, Roseberry Topping. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Swainby Shooting House

    Swainby Shooting House

    Just over a year to the day (well three days actually) and I find myself again at this remote spot on the vast expanse of heather moorland to the east of Osmotherley. But what a difference in the weather. Clag down and a heavy drizzle. The shooting house stands at a height of 319m above…

  • Cleveland Hills from Roseberry

    Cleveland Hills from Roseberry

    A view south from Roseberry towards Whorlton Hill with Beacon Hill and Near Moor behind. Early afternoon.

  • The Sheep Walk

    The Sheep Walk

    A view familiar to Cleveland Way Walkers and Coast to Coasters. Both long-distance trails pass through this gap between outcrops of rocks collectively known as The Wainstones. The climbers refer to the gap as the Sheep Walk, although sheep will need to resort to scrambling to climb it. A Danish chieftain was supposed to have…

  • Passing of a front

    Passing of a front

    A windy start, up on to Great Ayton Moor beneath a leaden sky. On Roseberry, sunbeams broke through to the south. Down at the folly and the sun was fully out, blue sky and a lovely end to the day. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Round Hill Memorial Shelter

    Round Hill Memorial Shelter

    Many of you will know I don’t agree with memorials. Benches, plaques and rock carvings littering the moors. But this one has been tucked away discretely off major paths overlooking Greenhow Botton for 46 years and I didn’t know it existed until very recently. I thought it was a shooting butt at first. A circular,…

  • Highcliffe Nab from Percy Rigg

    Highcliffe Nab from Percy Rigg

    This must be a first. It’s rare that I take a photo from the same spot I’ve used previously but to find myself in exactly the same place on consecutive days is unheard of. So yesterday was a view south-east, today north-east, from Percy Rigg on Great Ayton Moor. Ahead is Highcliffe Nab. The tracks…

  • Rivelingdale


    240 years ago today, in 1778, Captain James Cook made landfall on the Hawaiian Islands, the first European to do so. Did he pass any thoughts about his younger life in the Cleveland Hills? It’s highly likely that there would have been snow on the moors on that day. England was gripped in the Little…